Professional Classroom Training in Blockchain

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What will you get?

We help you start, analyse & grow as a blockchain engineer.


Deep understanding of ledgers, consensus methods, blockchains, and cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ether and Ripple.


Hands on experience creating blockchain frameworks and its business applications.


Knack for jobs in the blockchain industry, exploring jobs and internships opportunities.

Course Outline

We bring you a comprehensive classroom course covering the following broad concepts

1. What is the Blockchain Technology?

2. History of Blockchain

3. Real time case studies

4. What are cryptocurrencies?

5. Bitcoin, Ether and Ripple

6. What is Forking?

7. What is Mining?

8. Concepts of Bitcoin

9. Hashing algorithms

10. Blockchain Demo

11. Applications of Blockchain

12. Smart Contracts And Ethereum

13. Digital Tokens

14. Trading Cryptocurrencies

15. Limitations of Blockchain

16. Misconceptions on Blockchain and Bitcoin

17. Future of blockchain technology

18. Getting Started with your blockchain career